so not cute.

Daily dose of NOT CUTE: baby ear piercing.

people are super weird about baby piercing.  i have found that peope who had their ears pierced as babies are really defensive about it when i bring it up.  my friend pauline and i got into an argument about it once.  i don't see why babies need to have holes in their heads.  they are so cute and pure why stick a hole in them.
i didn't get my ears pierced until i was 8.  i had to beg for it.  i really wanted to have them pierced and i had to prove i was ready for them.  i think i would do the same if i had children of my own.

angelina jolie sticks pins and needles in babies.  lol.

other things that are not cute: looking like donatella versace.  lindsay lohan used to be my favorite!  now she looks...ugh.

just gross.  what happened to lindsay lohan?  where did she go wrong?  was is the drugs, spray tans, the legging line, the straight to DVD/ABC family movies?

i don't know but i do know that i miss the old lilo.

this is a beyonce post. don't hate.

beyonce gif round-up!!! cuz beyonce is pretty awesome...and totally cute.  she is beautiful, has a hawt bod (lol), and she fuckin brings it.  luvvvvv her.




lol, wonder showzen. THE BEST.


i downloaded some really cute template for this thingy but it took out some mods or whatcha-macallits...

never the less:
have i told you how much i love glee and rachel berry???
she is perfection in a totally nonperfect way. i just adore that character!
feelin as good as this cat looks! i love persian cats, always wanted one.
but i know for a fact i would probably die in its presence, no from awe...

BUT ALLERGIES. so not cute.

first postttttt!

this is a place for me to post all the adorable crap i like to stuff my head with!

first you have pocket pigs!!! they make these in england or something and i want one soooooo bad. i hear paris hilton is ripping me off, she wants it to be her new "thing." not fair, and not cute.

secondly- MINIATURES!!! oh my goodness, dim sum miniatures. saw them on foodgawker, fell in love. i am obsessed with little things, always have been. i really want these...but what does an adult do with mini plastic food?