birthday weekend hiatus!

it was my bday friday!  24 feels pretty fucking old.  my boo came into town.  we did this all weekend. act cooooooool.

omg mercy!  best style for a celeb baby!  i love the outfit, i mean i want the outfit too!  so adorable.  i have never been so jealous of a 4 year old.  i am going to assume she is 3 or 4.  so freaking cute!

sometimes i get lost on LOOKBOOK because these people are entrancing.  mostly i just curse myself for not being skinny with long straight messy hair and a shitload of money.  this girl's style is kinda wah-wah, but her hair is freaking adorable.  i am taking this pic with me to the stylist next time, maybe this weekend...

oh old school janet.  keisha and i decided this is the new style.  black corseted zipper tops, fit waisted jeans, and cute hair with head wraps.  i love janet so much!

old school michelle phillips, really cute style.  i want this look too.  maybe no ponytails though. i wanna rock this.

random asian cuties + burning car = tight.

i am really excited for the runaways!  march 19th please come sooner!  i love gurl movies.  like kick ass girl movies.  the ones you walk away from being like FUCK YES I AM A GIRL AND I LOVE IT.  kinda had that with whip it.  classic examples include: jawbreaker, ghost world, and i can't think at the moment.  god i love being a gurl.


this video is seriously my dream. if i had the money, i would start an after school 
program for kids to be creative. this vid is about The Fly Girls. they started out as 
an after school program in east brooklyn. their music is actually really good. totally 
reminiscent of ESG or something good like that. i mean the music isn't perfect, but they 
made it and that's what i find inspiring. i love that its like these kinda ghey white hipster 
dudes working with a bunch of kids producing rap records. and the best part is it's totally 
kid driven. if these kids wanna make music, write lyrics, create beats, then they do it.  
the adults are just there or organize, facilitate, and put dreams in motion. maybe someday 
i will be rich and i can open up a center where kids can make music, dance, create art work, 
cook, everything. they deserve it.
listen to The Fly Girlz:

questionable cuteness or cliche?

non plus one final from Tracy ANTONOPOULOS on Vimeo.

the song is cute.  the people are cute.  but was it too perfect?  isn't anything a coppola does JUST TOO PERFECT?  i don't know.  deep down, i enjoyed it.

china's best baby dance crew

this kid right here, i need my future babies to be just like this! speechless.

ahead of the game...

how much you wanna bet cold cave is gonna be HUGE???

pauline and i are going to see them at the empty bottle next week.  
we have one stipulation: we must wear doc marten boots.
she bought hers already, my bday money won't be here till the weekend.
i am looking at these boots and i just realized they have a zipper.
that makes things A LOT easier.
it's gonna be skins look 100%
as much as i hate effy- this is the look right here.  damn that beautiful bitch.

long time coming...

yuckkkk.  i was sick all week.  pretty much looked like this every day up until yesterday!  i hate being sick and it kept me from work and updating this lil blog.

oh and it's valentine's day!  i like this valentine.  my boo and i made vday boxes for each other!

my boo made me these beautiful paintings!  a kitty-cat because i think i was a cat in my past life, and look at that snookie painting!!! ahhhh, so good.  

my box was intense!  it took days pretty much.  i put in a love mix, cutesy valentine, naked baby photo of me, homemade danish butter heart cookies dipped in chocolate, and a fake flower bouquet.  it was adorable.

have you seen snookie shop ???  it's so hilarious.  people photoshop this picture of snooks into pretty much everything.  gurl has been everywhere!  here are a couple i like:

migrant worker snookie!

mean girls snookie!  so good.

one last note:
enjoy r.pattz!

the colors, the colors!

this is combining 2 things that i really like!  i saw on dlisted today that michaelk had a picture of rihanna in her rude boy vid next to tyra sanchez of rupaul's drag race.  the results are astounding!  i don't know why i didn't see it before.  i love rupaul's drag race and i do like tyra sanchez even though i think she may be a little full of herself.  i made my friends watch this show the other day and although they acted like they were being tortured...i know deep down they saw that drag is an art form!  the magic of transformation!  i wish i had their skillz.

playin hookie, feelin crappy, cutie pies.

right about now i could really use my favorite type of ice cream.  i seriously will only eat ben and jerry's phish food light OR strawberry soft-serve with rainbow sprinkles.  i called into work today sick, i feel terrible.  but that leaves time for some much needed cute blogging!  bring me ice cream and vernors please.

this is a freakin hot mess right here! i guess this is a still from rihanna's new rude boy video.  it hasn't dropped yet but when it does, you know i am on that shit.

this shiba inu thing is really getting to me.  have you ever watched the puppy cam?  my boo and i watched it over the net last night.  they are just so cutttteeee!

WHOA GURL.  that's some crazy talk right now.  and to say it to the situation?  gross.  still love you snicks!  don't worry about snooks though, remember she said it herself: "i'm not a trashy girl...unless i'm really drunk."

this is moving.  i want to be this.
bike porn hotness.  even though that gurl has her legs up in the air and her underwear pulled down, i think there is a sexiness there besides the overt sexual tone.
so this is a pic from lil waynes "i'm going to jail party."  yeah who has a party because you are getting sent to jail?  i guess people going to jail.  i know i would totally throw a slammer party!  nicki looks hotttt and drake looks silly.  whatever. 
save the worst for last.  because this has never been done before...

current events of awesome/cuteness

i flipped over to the puppy bowl for a second but it made me dizzy.  i spent my day baking and watching HGTV, as any good woman should.

this is what she looks like in the morning??? SO CUTE.  that hair flipped to the side, the cropped t-shirt and boxer shorts: she looks like saved by the bell.  but i like it so much, god i love beyonce.

i love tim and eric too.  i watch it online but it is NEVER EVER on tv.  makes me sad.  but maybe it's because of this new HBO show?  i don't get HBO...back to the life of an internet pirate.  yo ho!

pauline sent me this.  she wants the heels and i can't get over the coats.  it is decided, i shall grow my hair long once again and dress in all black all the time.

this has been on my desktop forever just waiting to be posted.  seriously, wtf!  WTF.

shiba inus...comin at ya! cuteeeee!

st. vincent is really cute.

St. Vincent - "Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood"

st. vincent | MySpace Music Videos


this is why our lives parallel one another...

somedays i feel like a hoarder too! but not a celeb one. :(

mixed bag of nuts/cute nuts

last week was "doppelganger week" on facebook.  LET ME REPEAT: LAST WEEK.  but some people are slow, so whatever.  i however, did not opt to replace my photo with a celeb who looks like me.  ever since i was a little kid people have told me i look like christina ricci.  in some ways, yes.  especially as a child in her wednesday addams years.  who wouldn't want to be wednesday addams?

maybe during her pecker phase?  i could work at a laundry mat and put some bitches in their place.  i don't know, and i guess i really don't care.

i don't know what this is or where i found it...but i want to go to bed like this every night.

emile hirsch is pretty cute and kinda bangin.  he went to africa or something?  cool.

SNICKS!!! so beautiful.  she is amazing...i am too tired to elaborate!  but really, gurlfriend looks way pretty.  makes me want to grow my hair out again.  such a pain in the ass though.  i need clip-on extensions like sammy sweetheart.  that bitch!

so i did this stupid fbook valentine thing.  my results equal: 3 of my best guy friends who are gay, my oldest friend's boyfriend, and my boo.  at least he made the list.

mah boo's list:
DING DING DING!!! i win!!! although the results are rather disturbing considering 3 of the others are my closest friends...whatever ladies.  bitches better back off.

gotta breathe right now...think this is an eclipse pic.  r.pattz looks good again, i can't wait to see this...breatheeeee.

like seriously people, sandwich me between these 2 people on the dance floor. we are so gonna battle. BEST TIME EVARRR!!

grammy whammy

t. swift is too much to handle.  damn gurl got herself a lot grammys (grammies?)!!!

saw this in my fbook news feed and i thought it was sweet.  people like taylor swift because she seems like a genuinely sweet girl and her music isn't that terrible.  i did think it was funny she had 666 comments.  OMINOUS!

my gurl snookers!!!  she looks almost un-snookie.  her hair isn't jet black and adding 6 inches to her height.  i saw a couple days ago jersey shore is renewed for another season.  it brought tears to my eyes.  HOWEVER- the cast will be going somewhere other than the jersey shore.  i hope miami...or italy would be pretty amazing.  reconnect with your heritage jersey shore!

oh my gaga!  it looks like she stepped on elton john.  wtf!!!  i would expect no less.

this is pretty amazing.  she looks like a beautiful avant garde christmas tree.  i wanna put her on top of mine next year.

beyonce WIN for having a great time ALWAYS.

rihanna FAIL for being a sourpuss.