hi gorgeous! i mean flawless, uhhhh.

kimmy k.  i can't wait to be united with her in MIAMI this summer. damn, this gurl has it all.  maybe not the brains so much, but a good heart.  and such a babe.  she is my thinspiration.

these are old celeb casting polaroids like from before they were famous.  uma thurman had it goin on!  i love that look, the glasses and the red lips.  the 90s were a better time.

angora rabbits are pretty much cotton balls with ears.  i love grey, its my favorite color.  i wish i wasn't deathly allergic to pretty much everything that is fuzzy.

u go gurl! i am talking about r.pattz, not k.stew losers.

baby marmosets!!! FTW.  finger monkeys, a need- not a want.

IDEALIZED TREEFORT: pauline version.  i can see my gurl rockin this look.  she loves grey and cotton everything.  she even has those shoes, yessss!

IDEALIZED TREEFORT: micah.  he loves baggy clothes, the look is good.  "we need to get skinny so we can wear baggy clothes." i know it sounds like it doesn't make sense, but it does.  believe me.

IDEALIZED TREEFORT: me (angel). i wanna be like this girl.  i want her long hair and total lack of boobs.  people think having big boobs is a good thing, they are sorely mistaken.  despite popular belief, i wanna be that surfboard in the background.



they let kids say that?  i mean fudging starts to have a meaning when you say it so often right?

i am a lazy "blogger" or whatever.

a.) some japanese  baby fox.
b.) broken leg fox.  it looks so defeated!
c.) arctic fox.

i want to look like priscilla presley.  i want all that hair and dark eye makeup, as usual.

my friend told me that justin beiber has a girlfriend!  lol.  i don't know why i felt the need to seek this out.  i read that this picture was taken as he was taking out his date to lunch at...BOSTON MARKET.  uhhhh...brilliant.  

even though she has been acting pretty whack lately: falling into bushes, having white powder all over her legs and feet, suing e trade for for their commercial where a baby refers to, "that milkaholic lindsay," i still want to love her.  she is so pretty and so fucked up.

i just want her to return to glory.  is that too much to ask? at least the look is coming together i suppose.

saved the best for last.
that dog, it haunts me.  i adore this photo.

suburb mania

i am currently in the burbs with my friend pauline.  we have been trying really hard to record this song for like the past 4 hours.  wow i never realized it was hard to be a musical artist.  kill me.

micah sent me some of this to entertain me while i wait.

this one is called secret secret, its like the asian destiny's child gone electro.

this one is called computer city!  i like the way that sounds, lol.


the end.  we miss you michael j.

this isn't even that cute.

i am having a love affair with this cat lately.  i think it is japanese?  
it looks like the diabeetus cat.  wilfred brimly!

i wish i could be that involved in a a cat's life to get it tiny furniture and all the accessories.

we went to a 90's party a couple of weekends ago.  in my quest to discover what it would be like to truly emulate an riot grrrl, i discovered this photo.
it's totally vintage allison wolfe of bratmobile and corin tucker of sleater kinney.
it was inspiring to say the least.

i wanna soak a donatella versace tea bag in some hot water.  she is such a raisin, i wonder if she would inflate once again.  who is that blond in the middle though? like a bad kate moss? it's reminds me of britney spears.  fuck yeah, even better idea: britney spears tea bags.
the possibilities are endless really of what you can put on top of a tea bag.

i imagine her saying: yay! i am nicole richie! yay!

justin beiber needs to just stop.  doesn't he want to be a normal 14 year old boy?  i hear his songs singing about love and ooooh this girl and oooooh that girl.  it's scary really.  what does he know about love?  the weirdest part is that his music is soooo popular.  i hear his songs like at least 4 times a day on the radio.  it's fucking scary man.

i blame keri hilson

this video is so mehhhh. trina, the diamond princess, 
is supposed to fucking deliver and this shit it weak.
the song is called million dollar girl but their terrible wardrobe 
and tacky makeup makes them looks like 20 for 20 dollar girls.
i'm just saying.

zach galifianakis as the snuggler. i took a screen grab at the wrong moment...but it works.

so confused. tyra is cray cray though.

not quite of the living, not quite of the dead. 
her hair is a lovely shade these days.  
much better than that black mullet she was rocking for a while.

these 2 are just ridiculous! and did you hear?  
MTV is not going to play lady gaga's telephone video.  
just like they wouldn't show snookie's punch. 
yet it was the punch seen around the world.  
MTV and i have a love hate relationship.

stop telephoning mehhhhhh

WOW.  10 minutes of gaga on beyonce lezbian fuckery!  amazing!
i don't know what to say really.  it's thelma and louise meets death proof girls.
what happens when gaga stops outdoing herself?  does she die like a shark who stops swimming?
these are the important questions we must ask ourselves.
just another yellow room.  i want to move so i can have this.  it reminds me of my dead grandma, not to be morbid or anything.  so classy and clean.  she used to sit in her all white kitchen and eat half a grapefruit with black coffee, smoke cigarettes and watch her morning shows.  simply amazing.

coco with yet another painted on outfit.  don't hate.
she continues to be an inspiration to women everywhere.

if ever there was the need for alone time, this would fit the bill.  i love it as a purse too. i would love to do this on a busy downtown street and see what people say.  sometimes you get shy, sometimes we need privacy!

lookbook + asians = jealous me.  whyyyyyy!

i think this video comes out tomorrow (or technically today??) lady gag (TYPOE BUT IT STAYS) + beyonce telephone.  i hear it's gonna be WaCkY!!!! oooooo!

i miss the good old days.  i will never forget.

if i could wake up and have this be in my kitchen i think it would be very happy everyday!  it's such a great idea.  i want this in my new life/new house/new me.

i would pretty much buy any phone that was advertised this way.
i guess the whole song is an advertisement for a phone?  korea is soooo ahead!
that dudes glasses are TO DIE FOR.

 this phone!  it's so cool! youtube the vids now! pauline showed me this tonight, now we must find a way to get one from korea.  i wish it was easy!
even though its a glorified razor or whatever, your iphone can't like up on the front into adorable pictures or play games on it.  suckers.

what do i name this?

i watched the oscars last night (snooooooze) all i have to say is: wow.
i didn't think it was possible to be the best actress and the worst actress in the same year.
sandra bullock won a razzie:
sandy actually went and accepted her razzie in person and had a laugh at herself!
THAT IS TRUE GRACE.  and true grace is rewarded...with an oscar?
i didn't see the blindside... i don't really want to.  i don't think i saw ANY movies nominated this year.
it was kind of a shitty year.  i mean i don't have anything against sandra bullock, but who would have thought miss congeniality would win an oscar?  

i liked sandra's dress and i really like carrie mulligan's gown.  so adorable.  mia farrow hair to top it all off.

in an unrelated note:
my gurl keisha davis was featured on an awesome fashion blog: STYLELIKEU
click it to check her video and photo album.  it's hilarious watching your friends on the internet because i am like, WAIT! you were just a my house this morning, yet now you are IN the computer?
gurlfriend is gonna get famous: NO ONE CAN STOP HER.

chinese phatcatz yesssir.

and finally:
more chinese phatcatz.

oh wait!  there is more!

stuck in my head

this is awesommmmeeee.   japan!  yes!  i wanna be the lead singer of an all girl rock band that's big in japan!
hello?  that's my goal in life.
i am pretty sure lita ford's outfit in the vid is gonna be my summer ensemble. (or i think it was her) 
the satin shorts are to die for.

i was nineteen...

i have had a year long affair with this song.  i don't want to get over it.

Tegan & Sara - Nineteen - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.


a thousand times yes!  i have been waiting for
i really should sneak in some reading for pleasure before i am forced to study for my many teaching certification tests.

glasses lust

i have always always always wanted a pair of oliver peoples glasses.  this video is adorable. 
i looks like a dream world to me!  i also love how much bigger shirley manson is in comparison to elijah wood.
i want the glasses she is wearing when they are in the dining room and she has on a cream dress.  

i would settle for these too.  gimme $$$!!! wahhhh!

change my life cute.

i would do this if it didn't involve having no eye brows.  i love it though, especially the hair.

please be my future glasses.

please be my future bedroom.  i love the bed and the walls.  i hear yellow is bad for feng shui.  i don't care i need it.

skins mega post later!  this weeks episode, JJ yes!!!  so adorable.

chanel makes temporary tattoos now.  you get like 50 some for $75.  they look awesome, but i think they were added to that girls real tattoos.  if i ever got a real tattoo, i kinda want it exactly like that.  so beautiful.

oh this is from the vault.  old school aaliyah and lil kim.  love the acting, an instant classic!