my obsession knows no bounds...

i don't know why...but i am strangely attracted to paulyd of jersey shore.  i mean under any normal circumstance, i would never...but i see magic there.  i see it.

some snooki magic: listen, i got a fuckin hot tub!


a lil inspiration here and there

i think zac and vanessa OBVIOUSLY got the memo.  i have been rockin this look every other night for the past 2 weeks.  however, i go all the way and wear black sweatpants to match.  they look so hood...yet feel so comfortable in their own skin.  i kinda wanna mug someone in these sweats (currently wearing btw) but i don't think i could peel myself off this bed...ever.

tracie egan has been my hero for a little over a year now.  if you don't know who she is...well you should.  she is a blogger for jezebel and she stars in pot psychology (a featuring her and her best friend  richfofo) pretty much they smoke weed and answer people's weird sexual/dating questions. straight up,  they are amazing...she is amazing and she just got married.  i found this pic and i thought it was adorable.  she spends all her time vidblogging about being the "slutmachine" on jezebel and her personal blog one d at a time but now look at her!  it's really cute this ho is now a housewife (figuratively!)

this is a wall fixture in the jersey shore house...all i have to say is my next apartment WILL HAVE THIS. i will make it...where there's a will there's a way.  but the state in the middle won't be jersey, it's gotta be michigan...the murder mitten.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? this is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life. sequoia??? what a sweet name to match the cutest kitten known to mankind!!!

wow.  look at all the squares, then look at that badass kid.  jeez, i want that outfit and the attitude to match.  this kid has more magic in his pinky nail than most the people i know.  fuck...speechless.


drunky post: cute babies

boy do i love a good cute baby vid. i am actually a little drunky right now coming home 
from a wes anderson party. loyola kids sure do love their theme parties. i felt old and like 
i was dressed for the theme and they weren't. whatev, anyway i got on ONTD when i 
got home. i found this video of the dude who was the headmaster in rushmore 
( i was max fischer!!). it was too adorable...and i apologize is this post doesn't flow or make 
sense. SO SORRY I TRIED!!!

if you're a hater, i've got a full time job for you!

the latest craze to sweep my life is MTV's jersey shore.  think real world but on the jersey shore and fill the slots with "the craziest hottest guidos and guidettes," (their words, not mine).  i can smell the spray tan and aqua net through the tv.  it's a beautiful thing.

the weird part about these lovely italian americans (much like myself) is that they all have nicknames.  is that a requirement on the jersey shore?  there is jenni "JWOWW," mike "the situation," nicole "snooki" (my personal FAVE), DJ pauly D, and sammi "sweetheart."  seriously only 3 of these people do not have an alias.  i created my own since i was so inspired by the jersey shores level of intelligence and class: angelbaby rossi.  it's pretty standard...what can i say?


what else can i say about the train wreck?  everyone is orange as hell.  i am fighting my tanning addiction but these people are tanorexic.  it's gross.  and all the dudes are waxed eyebrows and wear douchebag button ups with like rhinestones and crosses and shit.   the girls like to wear little to no clothing and about a centimeter thick of wet'n'wild bronzer and black eyeliner.  it's inspirational, better yet ASPIRATIONAL!!!

there is a little controversy because in the next episode my gurl snooki gets punched square in the face by some asshole.  i have the gif because MTV is saying they won't air the clip because it sends the wrong message.  THIS WHOLE SHOW SENDS THE WRONG MESSAGE...ABOUT EVERYTHING!  and since when has MTV had anything remotely close to values or morals?  they exploit's what they do.  i have never complained until now.  damn, that punch is raw as hell. hahahaha, i love you jersey shore!!! take me there!


follow up:

so lilo had some movie associated with her MUSE magazine shoot.  there was absolutely nothing to that film other than an excuse for her to breathe with her mouth open, play with her hair, roll around with lit cigarettes and a half naked dude.  i don't get it.

a little birdie told me THIS is the hot new toy of the season. not gonna lie, i dig it.  i want it.  it's called ZHU ZHU.  what an amazing name.  i always tend to accidently kill or neglect my pet rodents, this would probably fill that void.  decisions, decisions.

once again: chace crawford.  i am really feelin this picture.  i guess it's from some movie called Twelve that's coming out soon.  might have to see it now, i am intrigued what kind of trouble nate archibald has gotten himself into.

MS PAINT PORN...thank you micah.  this shit, is HILARIOUS.  google it.  can you even tell what that is?

on the subject of hamsters: this is just plain cute.

star fuckers inc.

let's get the worst out of the way...not cute lilo.  this looks like porn.  her fake lips, tits, and tan look porn-ish.  i just don't think it is desirable, she is scaring me these days.

forget about the right half...this picture kinda take my breath away.  he is glowing.  i know people are sick of this shit...i am too.  but he is just really pretty.

am i still down?  maybe.  but i really like that crawl song.

ahhhh t. swift does it again!  she is so precious, i am jealous of all that hair...i will be even more jealous if it's real.

nate archibald never really did it for me...but in this picture he actually seems desirable.  god i love gossip girl so much.  i hope that's not annoying to people lol.

BEST THING I SAW ALL DAY.  dead ringer.


whoa. are you completely dead k.stew???

shy ronnieeeee


i luv you riri.

wish lists...

i want everything about this from the hair to the nails, the eye makeup, soft red lips...its so pretty.  I WANT!!!  ps- for thos eof you who don't know, this is annette funicello, the most popular member of the mickey mouse ever.  back when that shit was classy, back when the world was classy.  i am gonna put her above xtina, britney, jt, and ryan i forgetting anyone???

saw this on etsy...i love ouiji boards!  so why not wear one on my neck?  i hate when people come to my house and they see my board and they are all like "i am not fucking with them spirits and shit!" dude, like mattel or hasbro makes that?  i bought it at walmart...perhaps the most unholy place on earth! maybe they are right.

a pekinese/maltese mix puppy!  malti-poos are so out like 2009 and i don't like their curly hair anyway.  this dog is the real deal, a must have for 2010.

ever since ghost world i have wanted a pair of doc marten combat boots.  i think the all black patten leather shiny ones are much more polished...i am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope santa/mommy puts this under the tree for me.  *hint hint*


my trying to be "cute" with my mason jar of juice.  when given the choice, i will only drink from mason jars.  they make me feel all southern and stuff. u can kinda see my palty hair, luv ittttt!!!  xoxoxox!!!

japan fetishist.

i spent a lot of time in a japanese market over the holiday weekend.  i ate udon noodles, sushi, and drank milk tea.  i dyed my hair with palty, it even looks good!  later on that weekend i found myself sitting on my back porch, the only white person, surrounded by 3 of my closest friends...all asian.

i think i have a problem!!!

ahhhh!  combining 2 of my favorite things: gossip girl and japan.  i love it.  this looks so much cooler than the american version.

BENTO BOXES!!!  this one is sweet.  i wanted to buy some bento tools but they are SUPER expensive since this is the good shit...and it's imported!

hello kitty lady gaga needs no explanation.

rilakkuma!!! ahh this bear is so important.  his name means relaxed bear.  he likes to hang with his best friend and share mochi and pancakes.  this is a cell phone holder, i need this next to my bed.  i am going to close my eyes and when i wake up...this better be next to me! it is fit for a princess!