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jam of my week:

whaaaa?  whaaa? whattttt???  GIMMME!  jeez if i saw this in real life i would start to bawl my eyes out because of it's sheer cuteness!  it's head is massive!  i am in love!

snooks got herself a lil pomeranian (cute but no where as cute as the one above).  it's name is GIA.  italian name, chilean mommy.  guidette in training.  really makes me want a dog.  WAHHHH!

this is the perfect wedding dress.  just sayin.

SLUT!  has anyone been watching glee this season?  i was die hard for part one of season 1 but part 2 was kind of a snoozefest.  i mean i watched it but the finale had me sleeping rather than my heart swelling with joy.  i haven't even touched season 2 these days (same goes for gossip girl, blasphemy!!!) i guess i just lost that lovin feelin.

oh hai!  is that underwear or towels tied to your head?  thanks micah for this one.  i am going to post all those gifs we found in a later blog post.  SPECIAL OCCASION!

i'll take it! but i don't know where to find this dress...i don't even know who makes it!  it's so darn cute though.  someone find it or make it for me please!

there was this INSANE nail competition and people ended up like this.  it's cool but i would break that shit in 2 seconds flat.  and i wouldn't be able to get my pants up or down.  i can hardly do that with regular nails.

she is a good witch.

she is a good witch too. :)

on my recent hatred for pretween/tween/and teenage girls.

ok so i work at a school and we have a lower school and a middle school.  in addition to my teaching duties i also have middle school supervision.  i pretty much babysit middle schoolers for their breaks and lunch.  this has left me lots of time to observe them as if they were animals, because they truly are.  i become so annoyed with them it drives me nuts so i have decided to dissect this situation to better understand my hatred.

1. tween girls are attention whores:
i don't know why they are such attention whores but they are.  they yell louder, they laugh louder, they squeal and run around in a flurry.  perhaps it is their first social experience with boys or the first realization that they are social beings but these lil bitches want your attention.  they want to be noticed by their peers so obviously being loud is their way of being recognized.  this discovery is much to my dismay, because i don't give a fuck about them and they are giving me a migraine.

2. tween girls are just discovering personal space/touching:
i swear hugging is the new hello. people used to handshake or high-five but these kids hug.  it's like there is a morning hug, every class break hug, hug at lunch, after lunch, hug after goes on and on.  there are girls hugging girls and then there are girls hugging guys and it's very different.  there is a lingering awkwardness to it.  like a slow dance without music....eww!  i know when i was in middle school and pretty much all of high school i had a NO TOUCHING policy.  i was just not comfortable with touching people. i am over it now but i am SO HAPPY i was not one of those "hug-happy" girls.

3. tween girls think they are the shit:
i get it.  you think you're cool because you are young.  i was young too!  it felt like just yesterday then i woke up and it had been 10 years.  SO GET OVER IT.  you tell them to do something and they look right through you.  i don't mean to rain on their parade but you're not too good to listen to someone with a little experience bitches.  don't get me wrong, 5th graders and even 6th graders are not that bad...but they hit 7th grade (or maybe it's just puberty) and a switch flips.  what was a sweet girl becomes an annoying brat with with an ego only matched by attitude.  maybe it's not all girls but the bad ones really grate me!  

all of these things bring to me the ultimate question: was i that girl?  was i that starved for attention?  did i disrespect adults or annoy the shit out of them at the movies?  i swear there are so many lil bitches at the movies it looks like a damn fieldtrip.  and i know i hung out at the movies all the time at that age so i hope adults didn't think that about me!  maybe this all boils down to me being upset that i feel so old.  who knows but until then these little ones need to "look up to me and not just because you're short!" lol.

no hatin' on the 9 year old.

so this song "whip my hair" by willow smith leaked a lil over a month ago.  it is instantly insanely catchy!  the video dropped this week and as i watched it i was consumed with: JEALOUSY???

yet, willow smith does not approve.

my reasoning:
fashion.  gurls got good style, in general.  she is wild and 9 years old so she can get away with that shit.  i am a teacher of 9 year olds and cannot wear yellow jumpsuits to work.  it is unfortunate but true.  also, she is skinny and prepubescent...not fair.  you hit puberty you just kinda BLOW UP...and that was 10 years ago!  eww.  

are those colored contacts???  always a good choice for your 4th grader...

fly nails!  another reason i envy people of youth!  i mean, i can't wear this shit "edgy" ship has set sail as far as i am concerned.  i can't dye my hair crazy colors or wear all my 7 ear piercings and nose ring like i used to.  nails like this will have my coworkers in a tizzy!  it's just not fair as far as i am concerned.  it's cool though; someday i am going to have a little girl and i am gonna be like YOU WILL BE AN ORIGINAL YOU HEAR ME??? my living doll.

the hair!!! i have always admired the versatility of black hair and hair is always a hot topic for debate!  people have hair envy, skin envy, body envy no matter what.  you always want what you can't have.  but with weaves and braiding you can have the BEST hair and you can change it!  the only problem is the upkeep and the money.  when i hear songs like this i think of all the little girls i worked with in chicago who were constantly at odds with their appearance.  i can only hope that willow smith could act as a good positive role models for girls everywhere.  i mean her message is real!!! all you gotta do it whip yo hair back and forth!


when i listen to this i am transported back to the summer before my sophomore year of college.  driving around michigan knowing it was the last summer i would spend there before settling in chicago.  and here i am in miami living back at home.  things come full circle.

this post is filled to the brim with LUV

listen to this song when you read this.  PUMP UP JAMZ.  my trainer always plays this song and i like it.  it's probably really popular and i wouldn't even know because i don't interact with people my age or listen to the radio these days.  i bet snooki likes this song.
this is a kitty fashion show.  i think i might die.

LOL.  this is a joke btw.  i too watched the live steam today.  not to mention there are so many chilean people in miami, south americans in general.  it's all the rage!

i know this is terrible but seriously does no one remember that before he was DRAKE he was jimmy brooks, fictional canadian student/basketball star of degrassi high!  i love degrassi, i want to go back to my youth.

well i finished boys before flowers FINALLY.  it only took like 2 weeks and over 25 collective hours. i thought the ending was a cop-out.  but i can't lie, i wish it wasn't over.  i miss it a lot now.  now i am onto a new k-drama personal preference or personal choice.  not sure what the correct translation is. so far though, it just doesn't have that SPARK! 

this was for an "art" issue of some magazine, don't remember which.  however, it does make me feel better about the size of my is hot, but this picture doesn't do it for me.  painting her silver is not the most flattering look.

he bought me new shoes and had them shipped to my house!  i totally needed new workout/running shoes.  i have been wearing a shitty pair of new balances that i got on sale from marshalls 2 years ago.  they served their purpose but were totally fugly.  these shoes are WAY MORE my style!  i am going to get the little chip you can put in it to track your progress tomorrow.  trying to get hot here! love you boo.

i don't care if this is's beautiful.

sad keanu ruining this moment.  i was attacked by a squirrel today.  it was in the tree dropping acorns on me.  ASSAULT.  

BREAKING NEWS: (not really)
jersey shore is going to be broadcast in japan!  2 of my favorite things: asians and jshore.  "The show will start broadcasting on MTV Japan from March 21. With the average Japanese cable TV viewer being totally ignorant of American geography, however, the name "Jersey Shore" needed an explanatory subtitle. So MTV Japan has decided on MTV Jersey Shore〜マカロニ野郎のニュージャージー・ライフ〜, translated by us as "MTV Jersey Shore -- the New Jersey life of macaroni rascals."
(on a side note: Saitama aka Dasai-tama (direct translation ‘Tacky-Testicles’) has been the laughing stock of Japan...why are they laughing??? we love it!)

MACARONI RASCALS???  i guess they said you know guido is the equivalent of italian and italians are synonymous with macaroni?  or pasta i guess.  rascal on the other hand isn't quite the light-hearted term we use in america.  it can be used in place of: asshole, beggar,  mofo, dude, son of a bitch, and gazebo???  some of these are escaping me right now.


wow and the DUNKIN DONUTS???  *sigh* i won't stop and i can't stop with this crap until i finish the series.  luckily i have about 8 more hours to won't be hard or to unenjoyable to watch, but it is hard to find the time. fuck school and working at a school, and homework for school, and working out.  ugh what is this life????

 precious.  i need a cure for allergies so such cuteness can enter my life.

 sad keanu and happy human face dog.  one of my faves.

boy u so sexy.

i am into all the glasses happening here.

winston being beautiful and majestic again.

best shirt ever?  makes no sense!  thanks!  i have spent so much money on this website lately.  it's like since i don't have friends i figure i am saving so much money!  i can just spend that money on giant shirts with gibberish writing.  best. ever.

work style!!! what's up with my face????  i guess it was probably like 6:45 in the morning!  the dress looks cute from far away but i look like a weird hunchback.  that's just cuz i gotta squeeze down to fit into the camera screen.  need a better system...

something about this song just sounds perfect.