100th post dedicated to my 2 loves: tiny things + japan

i need to thank my BFF pauline santos for introducing to KONAPUN!

it's the number one toy in japan right now but it's not recommended for kids under 8. eight year old!  i can't even imagine my 24 year old fingers working right to create these tiny delectable masterpieces so lil one def can't!
this is the bento box kit.  the good thing about this toy is that every kit comes with everything you need.  like if you need a tiny oven to cook your chicken, it comes with it! everything is included!


i feel like my life depends on getting this stuff!  i have 2 problems though:
1.) where can you buy this stuff? (other than the net...japanese to english is a lil harder to research)
2.) how can i even figure out the instructions?
this is a need not a want. 


my boyfriend is the #1 thing i love today.  :)

omg so cheesy.  what's worse is that my mom took it!  wahhhhh!  anyways, this is the reason i have been away from blogging.  between slaving away to children, cleaning up messes and my boo's visit; i have been busy.  so. very. busy.

oh man i have the fever.  it's an asian website with so much on it.  i got lost for hours on there. i seriously ordered this chick's contact lenses.  i have always wanted to be asian so i thought i needed to play the part.  these are called nudy pink!  so weird.

i also bought the shirt on the right...amongst other things.  $150 later i got the free shipping...  here's to hoping it all fits!  those asians are so tiny/thin and everything is one size (fits none most likely).  yet, i don't think you can go wrong with a terribly oversized shirt.  LOVE IT.

lindsay lohan.  i will always love her.  she is like that hot mess friend we all have who continues to make the same mistakes over and over yet never thinks anything is her fault.  delusional and beautiful.  we all know one, except this one is famous.  she is serving her time now and i hear she is NOT a mess in jail.  she sleeps a lot.  i think i would try to sleep through the whole ordeal myself.  sweet dreams lilo.

chuck bass. enough said.

i love being a weirdo.  i think it's always surprising to people.  i told my new coworkers about some of the weird/terrible shit i did in high school and they were pretty blown away.  in a professional setting i can fake the normal-ness but being my weird self is way better than passing anyone else's standards.  8 weeks later and they don't even know the beginning of it.

cloud nothings:
my friend christian aka coyote clean up was featured on some south american music mag playlist and so was this kid, cloud nothings.  both artists are completely amazing.  i really wanna see cloud nothings play but he is only playing shows in his native cleveland or something.  pretty disappointed in the miami music scene.  i am not into crazy house music and i can't dance to latin music to save my life.  i listen to shit like this...and apparently i might be the only one here.

a few things i been feelin lately...

EDITOR NOTE: i guess somehow my comments were limited to blogger accounts clue how.  i apologize (courtney, lol).
crystal renn: HOT
crystel renn is a super model.  she is a former stick thin super model but she struggled with anorexia, had a health crisis and decided to enjoy life by EATING.  my kind of gurl.  i personally think she is hot.

she did a photo shoot where she wore the same clothes as an average runway model and i think she blew that tiny bitch out of the water.  that little girl has no curves to support that outfit.  crystal renn is my body  goal right now.  i have been working out 6 days a week, 2 times times weekly with a trainer, i started eating meat for optimal protein...this shit better work is all i am saying.

it's a baby kangaroo and it seems to be judging you. i can't even believe that's what a baby kangaroo looks like!  it looks like an awkward rat with super long legs.  can that thing even walk??? cute.

baby tortoises!  omg they have like tiny baby cartoon faces, they don't even look real!  i hate reptiles and amphibians but these little guys i could learn to love.  i would take them in my pocket everywhere!  

dev patel is a GQ man now...

i remember when he was just anwar from skins.  god i love anwar and skins...the good ol' days.

this is baby snooki!!! she had the poof in the making even back then.  so cute!

dream weekend getaway:

it's like a little girl's fantasy! i could go there and read books all weekend alone.

dreams of white lace.

what if arrested development was an action show???

"i really want to get a fedora."

"the skinNY" is the story of Rachel and Joanna, two wildly self-confident girls from Orlando who move to New York to work in PR and "run this town." They dress like it's 2004, believe they can have any guy they want, and listen almost exclusively to Fergie. Starring Jonny Sollis and Fabrizio Goldstein (The Fat Jew). Produced by Nick Gallo from The Onion, a news satire organization.

god i love the fat jew.  i wish/hope that this is real.  furthermore i believe that might be their real hair.  how else could he fit his trademark fro underneath a wig?
this is the fat jew in his natural state with jamie foxx.  yeah...he is pretty amazing.


lindsay lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her 2007 probation! 
A tearful Lohan told the judge "as far as I knew I was in compliance with my programs," reports the L.A. Times. "I have to provide for myself. I have to work. Having said that, I did everything to balance my jobs and showing up. I'm not taking this as a joke."
The actress, who celebrated her 24th birthday last Friday, was ordered to begin serving time on July 20, and enter in-patient rehab for 90 days after she completes her sentence.
WAIT so does this mean what it meant before?  released after like less than an hour because of overcrowding???   time will tell.

UPDATE: Video Footage of the sentencing...