i am going to find a way to make these for myself

the cutest kid EVER.

infinite good moods

this song puts in is a much better mood when i feel cranky.  i was late for a nail appointment, stuck behind a deaf dumb and blind person, and my tension headache was going off the charts...then the heavens of my iphone opened up and TADA!!! perfume electro world!
enjoy!  will post when i get some cute shit on my computer.  running low because i have been going crazy with school/work/future shit.  i just want a crazy cute life.

friday fry-day.

this post is micah-centric.  cuz he sent me most of it.  thanks boi! is the new face of Mo√ęt & Chandon champagne.  i could use a bottle right now!

definition or crazy/hot.

snooki's new blinged out hello kitty shades.  but how does she see?

$50 for these bad boys.  do i dare?

a real letter from a real child to dumbledore.  why didn't anyone tell him??  seriously bad parenting!


thanks boo.  that was a great cat vid. lol.

and finally, the definition of ferocity:

thanks micah!!!

new song that i like and i don't actually know why:

drowning over here...

i feel terrible i have not been doing a very good job with this blog lately.  the holidays were a whirlwind!  my boo came into town and i wanted to devote all my time to him and my family.  i had a great holiday though!  but then it was RIGHT back to work, school, job stuff, more certification exams, etc.  the world just will never slow down for me!  but i have been collecting some stuff!  so here it goes.
crystal gel balls, orbeez, whatever you wanna call them; i want them.  that's my big plan for tomorrow.  seriously go to the asian market get my ass some bamboo and some gel balls.  riveting i know.

new years for the grown and sexy.

vintage stevie and christine.  i would die for stevie's hair.  she was such a babe.  i think i might go on a fleetwood mac kick.

snooki has her own lil jewelry line going with her crystal party ball necklaces.  unfortunately i dont feel like spending the kind of cash she is asking.  gimme a clearance item please.

pauline sent me a mix and this was my favorite song on it:
it speaks to me.  it's going to be my music inspiration for baby heroes.  (yeah that's gonna be my new band).

happy new years mofucks!!!

SNOOKI DROP 2011!!! woohoo!!! my boo is passed out in bed and i am watching TLC in my new marc jacobs pjs!  it's gonna be a good year!!!