classic cuteness

i should be getting ready to leave and jump on a flight to boston, but i thought i should blog first...

i have loved and wanted this child for years. she won my heart, plain and simple.  
seriously, can someone please give me a little singing asian babygurl?

she kinda looks like this adorable kitten.

i like this too.

this is cute in a round-about way.  someone sent me that, apparently kyle geiger as you can see from my screen shot.  it's funny because how does facebook affect the judge's sentencing of little wayne?  it's cute really.

not so cute?

luscious baby locks cuteness

this is the story of taylor pugh:

watch this and tell me you don't wanna go all AWWWW and gets the sads at the same time.  poor little taylor has ISS because his hair is too long for some stupid texas dress code.  he is seriously the cutest kid with the cutest little voice ever, i feel bad.

i guess taylor was out of school until like last week because his hair was a distraction.  that's like a month or so!  finally, his parents reached a compromise.  THIS:

he has to wear a french braid!!! wtf!  poor baby.  i remember my mom would try to french braid my hair during those awkward years (5th, 6th, grade) and she seriously sucked.  i looked a hot poofy mess.  like a freaky vampire child. embarassing.  i hope taylor doesn't have to look back at this time of his life and feel embarassed. he's like the cutest thing either way!

i am the worst blogger ever.



many apologies imaginary non-existent readers (i am okay with that...)  i took a month long hiatus so i could prepare and kick some GRE ass.  i don't know how hard ass was kicked, but i think my score left a lil bruise in that wicked GRE.  and it sucks because so much cute shit happens over a month!  my life was consumed by jersey shore in that time...such bad news.  my mind has run as far as generating jersey shore nightmares.  it's terrible, but i feel that i have found closure at the moment.

i am just going to say good bye to this right now.  first and foremost, jersey shore i admire you.
i will miss jwoww's terrifying fake tits and how she ain't afraid to hit a bitch.
this is something i wish i could say for myself.  alas, i am not a bad girl.

this is cute.  snooki is a gift from the gods sent to the human race.  if you don't like snooki, we are in a fight.  i don't care what anyone says...nothing will change my mind.  i will miss this show so much because it's the realest thing i have seen in a long time.  even if the cast may be the fakest people outside (tanning, hair extensions, colored contacts, implants, etc), i believe them to be 100% real.  so not afraid to  be loved, hated, or ignored.
it's their party, cheers!

lastly on the j.shore note:

this video combined 2 of my favorite cute things, jersey shore and babies.  that baby looks like an old man!  i love it!!!


little richard in his car fixin himself up right.  we found this because brad and i were trying to find celebs who have the most messed up eyebrows and we thought his were tattooed on.  at any rate, this photo spoke to me.

classy cuteness...silver fox.  i dig it on the real.

final cuteness:
thanks to haimboo!