heating up

miami is getting hot as hell and school is winding down.  i am on a quest to GTFO of miami.  lord help me.  send me some good luck somebody.  CHRISTMAS MIRACLE PLEASE.
i just bought this shirt yesterday at zara.  need green pants now too!  gonna wear it to DISNEY and HARRY POTTER WORLD this weekend.  way excited!!!!

this girl from my HS is a photographer,  i nearly lost it when i saw this picture.  she takes super cute pictures.  i need to get me an asian baby ASAP.

i need this to be real or in my life forever.

i'll take 2 please.  are these out yet?  love it.

the truth is a bitch, bitch.
oh and...

marimekko and kitty wigs

my future super cute life

busy busy bee

i have been at my wits end for the past month.  work school test work school lesson plan vacation school x1000000.  it doesn't stop.  these are some pix i have on my desktop but have had zero time to post or elaborate upon.  xoxoxoxox