posting while watching swamp people...

wow...i have felt like all of these owls at one point in my life.  
hangovers: bringing humans and birds together.

this reminds me of better days.  golden girls was my favorite when i was in middle school and high school and that love carried over into college.  we only have one golden girl left these days.  dear jesus: please protect rose.  thank you.

guess who is out of the slammer???  and looking cute too lilo!!! i just hope it lasts.  prayin 4 u gurl.

someday i will have this crazy cute lifestyle.

since i got the big girl job i think i will treat myself to a big girl phone.  really want an iphone, have wanted one forever.  so now is the time because i get my first real paycheck on wednesday.  if you get the phone you have to get the case to protect your lil baby.  this is the perfect case for me.  only problem, this case costs like $80!!!!  i got good taste as my mother says...more things to save my big girl paychecks for.

sleep tight babies!


new weekly column (i hope if i can keep my act together!)
i am going to post my adventures and misadventures into the wonderful world of teaching!  it's very hard for  me to clean up sometimes.  the world is a better place in sweatpants, baggy tops, and pajamas in my opinion.  my mother is VERY CONCERNED about my presentation at work because she is the one who helped me get the job!  i am now a part time computer teacher (full time badass) for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders at an undisclosed private school in the miami area!  this place is serious!  it cost lotsa money to get your kid in there so i have to be top notch when it comes to wardrobe!

i wore this today!  i like this white shirt but i wore it with full length pants.  OMG its like at least 95 degrees out everyday and i spend a lot of time outside.  i am guessing that shirt was like sheer with sweat by the end of the day but i choose not to look at myself by this time...
this outfit is 100% ann taylor the LOFT.  i never thought this day would come.  but i swear to god ann taylor is a teacher lady's best friend!  the clothing is conservative and professional but not too old school. this ain't no talbots!!!  i have to try to still be 24...even when i feel 14.  that's the problem, i watch over 14 year olds.  it makes me feel so old!
i think this was my favorite shirt! it was comfy and cute and i wore it with capri pants.  i have yet to find comfy shoes though. i have 5 band-aids on my feet at the moment.  NO LIE.  someone help me out and give me suggestions!
this outfit was probably my biggest mistake!  layers are a killer there.  it is WAYYYY too hot to wear anything more than one layer.  add a stiff cotton shirt...then a cardigan...and then you melt and die.  it was cute though inside, but outside it was bad news.  FURTHER MISADVENTURES TO FOLLOW.

saturday night blog update!

lately i have been on a This American Life kick.  my boo and watched all of season 1 and 2 on netflix (on the instant que people!) and then i was like i want to just listen to this all the time.  this tattoo is fuckin rad.  and ira glass is a silver fox hottie.  something about the way he talks so darn quick is sexy.  what's not to love?

speaking of LOVE.  ask and you shall receive via photoshop!

i saw scott pilgrim vs. the world and i LOVED it.  it was so not what i expected, it was actually good!  and i might wanna go see it again!  i wish i had friends in miami so i had someone to see it with.  my lil bro is coming back from vacation tomorrow i might force him to go with me.  knives chao was one of my favorite characters and her cartoon might be even better.  that style is rad!

my boo really liked the movie too and was inspired to make me in a scott pilgrim style.  he did such a good job!  i have the miami tan and everything and a cat because I LOVE KITTIES.  i am sitting in bed and i was thinking i really wish this bed was full of kittens and i could roll around with kitties and they could walk all over me.  is that weird???

i need this moss bathrug! the bathmat is made from "imputrescible foam called plastazote, the mat includes ball moss, island moss and forest moss." it was created by a swedish woman and i guess it went on sale for 40 euro.  i really hope they goes into mass production because i would buy an $80 moss rug...or maybe i should learn to make one myself? i love plants in the house (yet i have a track record for killing them) plus i have always loved moss, i remember being little and walking through the woods behind the house touching all the squishy moss.  

WAHHHHHHHHHHH i love you snooki.  the end! xo!


MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.


this should have been an A.SKARS only photo.  fuck sookie and bill.  eric 100%

vacation absence

I'M ON VACATION!!! flyin through the air so freeeeeee!!!!!!!!
(i am also a cat if you didn't know, spirit animal)
yeah i haven't been doing the internet that much these past 2 weeks.  i have been in boston with a quick weekend in NYC.  good times spent with mah boo.  pix later!

and it's way serious this season!  i mean it's still a good time but these people have issues!
and i can't stand that bitch angelina!  she did burn the only 2 bridges she had!  and all the bridges of america who were willing to forgive the self-proclaimed "kim kardashian of staten island." keep dreamin loser!

snooki and pauly d as shot by terry richardson.  i am surprised these pix weren't a little more vulgar or vile.  pretty tame for uncle terry. everyone looked awesome.  and i want my hair as big as snooki's!

this is like the only time i have seen rutina wesley look good.  tara dresses kinda whack (i do like her little cotton dresses) and doesn't really take care of herself, lol. i kinda love tara again after the past couple episodes.  i can't believe this fucking show.  it is out of control!

figured i would add this just for good measure.

i got my nudy pink lenses.  i can't decide if i love them or not.  they kinda make me look like an alien or my boyfriend told me a lizard.  i kinda like them, i wish they had a prescription so i wasn't walking around blind as a bat!

i found other things i need.  like these piano sweatpants.  who wouldn't want them??? sweet sweatpant style is my fave.  need some drop crotch pants...nice and roomy.  lol.

the biggest oversized sweatshirt known to mankind.  i need that too! ok i gotta shower.  more updates when i am safe and sound in miami!  muah!!!

new hero worship alert

cuz i'm a sucker for autotune.