oh man my last post was #69. dayum.

alright i need this!  it's this crazy $75 water bottle/glass that has a portable filter in it!  i love my britta but this would be like a fancy britta-on-the-go.  i am the type of person who has to have a water bottle with me at all times, gotta stay hydrated!  and when you think about it, i have most likely wasted hundreds of dollars on plastic bottles that aren't even recycled because chicago recycling is a sham.  maybe i should invest?

finally!  jesus girl did you really see the light?  your fans can only hope that you hitting rock bottom (multiple times) has taught you a lesson.  glimpsing at her reality has not been pretty for the past couple years.  I AM PRAYING FOR YOU LINDSAY.

no explanation needed.

kim k got in a lil trouble with peta for this twitpic.  WHO HASN'T BEEN IN TROUBLE WITH PETA?  jeez.  those people need to chill and stop popping off every damn minute because someone grabs a kitty wrong.  that kitty is fine and so is kim but in a totally different sense of the word.  damn gurl, don't hurt em.

my friend keisha pointed me in the direction of modern family last week.  i have almost finished season 1.  it's so darn cute!  the one that keeps me coming back in MANNY!  omg, he is like a little columbian (with the accent, you know it tim rothberger) butterball.  i need some more manny in my life.  or i just wanna have a chubby baby/child that looks just like him.

really?  is the bitch back gossip girl?  because blair waldorf (and this entire season) is WEAK.  blair is all "good/sad/pathetic blair" and it blows.  i wish she would be the evil genius i have admired in the past.  I AM PRAYING FOR YOU TOO BLAIRBEAR.

just to revisit this.  still love it.  can't change that.

i took a vacation...and forgot to tell y'all

i went to boston this weekend to ride bikes, eat sandwiches, and make music with my boo.  it was lovely.
WE MADE THIS.  and it's hella cute.  
legit post tomorrow, it's been TOO LONG!!! i missed you internet/blogging!

it was all just a dream/lie

update: i don't know what sick mofuck thought it would be funny to yank our chains about conan, but i can tell you i am not amused.  on a side note, it is his bday today!! WOOHOO!!

vivienne jolie-pitt: why does this baby look like a white trash alcoholic bus driver you might find in lapeer county michigan?  kind of like lesbian biker baby chic or something.  it's freaking me out but half of me likes it.

christina hendricks on esquire is hot, no denying it.  however, it is debatable if it is her?  what the hell did they do to her face???  i did a double take and had to read the fine print to decipher who that was.  her curly hair is inspiring me to grow mine longer, its a tiring process though.

if you don't know who winston is, become acquainted RIGHT NOW: RICHFOFO youtube channel

YES LILY ALLEN!!! you are so right!!!



via ONTD

"Cries from the legions of individuals in the US who have pledged themselves to "team Conan" over the past year are now being heard all over the world this evening after the death of treasured television star Conan O'Brien was reported by celebrity news website TMZ. O'Brien, who had just wrapped up the fourth stop of his much-publicized comedy tour, was found unconscious by his wife, Elizabeth Powell, in a Enoch, Alabama hotel room at approximately 11:45 in the evening. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but arrived too late to be revived.
Cause of death at this time has been ruled inconclusive, although investigators indicate that suicide is a probable scenario, most likely by intentional drug overdose."

i don't pray a lot, but it's moments like this that i pray are fake. i will say a prayer aloud in my bed tonight for conan because pauline loves him and he has a family and he deserves to live. this ain't no april fools people.

please please please:

3 cute notes

further proof the LG lollipop 2 is a must for me to feel happy and fulfilled in my life.  even the ads are fucking adorable.  micah ordered the lollipop 1 this week because the 2 isn't unlocked or able to be transfered or some bizz.  hopefully i can save up my money for this!!!

we will become this...
or we already are cats.  next time around.

collected cuteness

let's start with this...whatever this is.  omg, justin bieber just stop!  i don't know why i am repulsed and drawn toward this child, not in a sexual way but more of a fascination kind of way.  PEOPLE magazine is tripping for putting this on the cover though, way to pick like the worst pic of biebz ever!  this bieber madness is getting to me.  the kids are singing it at work, watching all the youtube vids, i can't take it!

so i guess brit brit agreed to allow these picture to be released from her recent candies photo shoot.  this is INSANITY!  the standards that female celebs are held to is just ludacris (really spelled ludicrous but the typo stays for pop culture factor)!  give her a fuckin break though, i mean britney is a living legend ya'll.  2 kids and a psychotic breakdown and you can still look like that, then A-FUCKIN-MEN.  you go gurl!

i found this on an old high school classmates facebook pics (hey drea! if ur reading this but ur most likely not).  this baby seems so unfazed by that lizard, its adorable.  i commend this baby's bravery, far braver than me.

christina hendricks aka joan holloway off set cuteness.  love the jean shirt and the glasses.  i need a jean shirt and i am getting super stoked for my glasses appointment this weekend, holler!

can this be mine please?  gimme ur cute ass lifestyle please.

ahhhhhhh!  chloe is so cool and collected.  she always looks too cool for school, i love the dress.  the glasses are a little 2008, but this pic might be old?  i dunno, i just like it.

a battle till the death!  frog party!  how did they take this picture???  i love it like i love pretty much everything.  i think i should start posting about things i hate like: bad drivers, milk shakes, fish touching me, or ignorance.  maybe i should keep the negativity out of the cute zone.

cute boo in cute clothes with a cute pose.  so many shoes.  can't wait to see him next weekend. AHHHHH!

chillwave supreme

last monday i went and saw washed out with my hoodrat friends micah and pauline.  i really didn't know what i was getting was pure magic.  i was entranced by this dudes sounds.  the funny thing is my lil bro introduced me to the whole "chillwave" phenomenon in late 2009.  i dismissed it not truly understand its true nature.

i took this vid of washed out aka ernest greene that night and the vid is actually super good.  i want this song so bad but i guess it's off some new album he is working on.

ernest greene is a bonafied hottie.  i had no freakin clue what this dude looked like and then when i saw him on stage i got the girlie giggles.  unfortunately- HE IS TAKEN.  but i am way into my boo so it ain't no thang.
cute though right?  he has a blog:
he posts cool chilled out pix of people and things he encounters.  lots of pic of his wifey, who seems like a normal girl.  i won't pursue this stalk/prey thing any longer.  no use.  i just love the music.

apparently i am not the only one!
got this off alt report btw: itunes published its own little chill wave section in the music store this weekend.  and where pray-tell do you think they got their slogan? "RIDE THE CHILL WAVE"

yeah give credit where credit is due mofucks.  i can admit it, i peeped it off ryan dicks...he rules.  duhhhh.

RIDE IT ERNEST. and you too viewer.

on my strange attraction to eric wareheim...

about a year ago someone introduced me tim and eric awesome show: great job! and my life was all downhill from there...

i don't know why i like this show because sometimes it is just so bizarre i can't even understand it.  it had that gross out factor that i usually cannot stand to watch but for some reason tim and eric won me over.  more specifically eric:

i am strangely fascinated by and halfheartedly attracted to eric wareheim.  WHAT A SPECIMEN!  i don't know why, maybe it's the unnatural looking tan or the glasses (boys in glasses are always a WIN).

so i did some research on eric and found out he is a musician and he also directs music videos on the side for bands i actually like: HEALTH and Major Lazer are just a couple.  in the 1990's he was a member of a band called INK & DAGGER a vampire themed punk band.  whoa! way cool dude!

there is no logical explanation for my celebrity crush (because yes, i would count him among the top 5).  perhaps it's that i like a guy who can make me laugh and he is just so bizarre.  

i have included my first introduction to tim and eric so yeah, watch it and catch the tim and eric wave:

3rd post today? i must be bored.

i didn't go out tonight (again) because i am becoming an old lady.  this death throat really slowed me down.  evelyn showed me HIPSTER PUPPIES (click it!!!) tonight and it consumed me for 15 minutes till i read them all.  only 9 pages?  this shit is gonna take off for real!  i picked my fave that stand out as what could be real life hipsters i have encountered, know personally, or unfortunate qualities i see in myself....whoops!

ok i am guilty of that one.  i went to see washed out on monday, not gonna lie, i twittered once during the performance.  it was so cool i had to share it with the twitter universe! ummm and i love real estate.

my boo is a borderline sneakerhead.  boy has more shoes than i do!  he loves all the exclusive pairs and gets so geeked about sneakers, it's cute...really.

if i had a dime for every graphic designer i know...but seriously, all of the ones i know are super talented/amazing cool peeps.  not hatin boos!

ugh i feel the same way about joanna fucking newsom.  homegurl is TIRED.  if people wanna listen to her they mind as well listen to lisa simpson sing, they are the same person, SWEAR TO GAWD.

i am looking at you BRADLEIGH MICHAEL KRONZ.  i think he has the same glasses as this dog, axel.  i didn't know what criterion collection was until i lived with brad...

omg i feel the same way about r. kelly.  he is like the most ridiculous human being ever!  i won't get into it because it was a long time ago, but once i was under the influence and i watched pt. 1 of trapped in the closet; i thought it was real!  i like "understood" it on a "different level." phewww, glad those days are over! ps- i want this dog!!! lil pomeranian, makes me cry!! wahhhhh!


i get the feeling creed didn't watch jersey shore because his interpretation of the pauly d/stalker phone conversation is quite different.  there is a certain softness to his reading.  i love it, but i think i still love it more coming out of pauly d's mouth.  YA STALKING MY WHOLE LIFE ON THE BOARDWALK!  so many gems from that show, just so many.

working on a friday? well kinda...

not even kidding i went to google ROBERT pattinson and my fingers magically typed BROBERY pattinson.  yeah they must have caught that STD spelling bug my boo gave me.  ANYWAYZZZ:

the internet is all aflutter within the past 30 minutes because it has been rumored that r.pattz may be playing kurt cobain is some new kurt cobain biopic.  the deal is he was handpicked by courtney love (my favorite imaginary auntie) to play kurt and she wants scarjo to play her.  i can see the resemblance and scarlett can give that guttural moan like courtney of her former HOLE glory (love hole).

NOT GUNNA LIE: i'd go see it.  something about r.pattz makes me feel all girlie and giggly like a 13 year old.  every time i watch twilight in that scene where he walks in in slow motion in the parking lot, i want to cry.  I HAVE SEEN IT LIKE 30 TIMES SO WHY DOES HE HAVE THIS EFFECT ON ME??? it's so fucked up.  make it stop please.  

on a more personal note: my roommate recently turned my life upside down.  she rented the great happiness space from netflix.  we watched it, i liked it, yada yada yada.  she returned it, or she thought she did.  NO SHE DIDN'T.  she gave netflix my new moon dvd!!!  I AM SO SERIOUS!  i wanted to cry.
it's just not the same!  and it's so unfair, i am innocent, i can never watch new moon now because she didn't look at what she pulled out of the dvd player.  not to mention that dvds are HELLA expensive these days, it was like $24.99!! i still get teary when thinking about it.  ERIN LITTLE YOU BETTER GET IT BACK OR I SWEAR TO GODDDD.  lol.

sick day wahhhh!!!

i have a virus, not sure what it means except i feel awful.  my throat feels like it is covered in sores and it is about to close up.  too graphic?  well deal with it.  but anyways- first off: ME!!! i was once a baby, and a cute one at that.  everyone i show this picture freaks out because i closely resemble an asian baby.  it's in the eyes.  god i wish i could clone myself to have that cute ass baby! is that sick?

kaya scodelario (aka effy from skins) has just been cast as catherine earnshaw of wuthering heights.  i read wuthering heights like a million years ago so i can't really recall what happens.  all those books that take place in the 1700's english countryside are all the same.  girls waiting for men to call upon them or write them letters, ask for their hand in marriage, etc.  BOOOORRRRIIINNNG.  thank god i can be a modern girl.

drake is totally ripping me off right here.  i decided my new picture thing is the OKAY hand signal.  it has been long forgotten but I WAS SUPPOSED TO BRING IT BACK.  not drake, or jimmy brooks or aubrey graham (those are all his names, seriously).  whatever, i can forgive him because his style is tight. boys manly enough to rock lavender are sexy in my book.

another skins post, mike bailey.  man, i love sid.  i miss the first season so badddddd.  this is a recent photo shoot.  do you think that he pretty much is exactly sid?  his style and personality because every time i see a pic of him he looks the same.  it's very boy-next-door.

no clue what's going on here but elvis pressed up against himself in the mirror is rather cute.  

bey!!!  ahhhh such awesome summer style.  it's like the hair is just pulled back because it's hot and her skin looks fantastic.  it always does though.  i love her dress and those little slipper shoes.  i want this summer style.  unfortunately, summer is being resistant in chicago today.  it's so grey but beyonce could cheer me up.

EXCUSE MY BEAUTY!!! now i resent that the title of this video says something about tranny, yada yada yada.  this is a classic.  this video is awesome but also sad at the same time.  the last 30 seconds are the only good part because even though no one believe in her beauty, she stands by it.  she won't work her looks no more, excuse her beauty.

lonely sober living day 4. this is difficult.

i stayed in tonight instead of going to a concert, party, movie, hangout, etc.  i am kinda loving having the house to myself because it's nice and quiet and i am welcome to watch HGTV without scrutiny.  don't hate, HGTV is amazin yo!

living legend y'all!  i love it!  i love britney!  the outfit could use some work, but the glasses are poppin.  I went to S.E.E. today to make an appointment and found a pair i want.  they are kind of similar to britbrit's spex.  i am feeling the thin frames but still big lenses.  they are gonna say, "hi, my name is angel.  24 year old teacher in training, hire me plz!"

i found this and i was terribly confused.  i just flip through profile to profile, etc losing my path or focus along the way.  how is this baby's hair soooo long?  i don't get it.  so freakin weird but still cute.  i hope my future babies have long precious hair so i can take topless pics of them draped in gold.  like seriously, wtf.

hey gurl hey!  nicki minaj's flow is a lil whack at time and some of her songs are hardly songs but i am ALL ABOUT THE IMAGE.  i don't give a fuck about her talent because i am so into her look it's hot and blinding.  we are thinking about having a lil rapper party at my house soon, i want to go as her.  zexy.

i can't really come up with an excuse for this because we look SO WEIRD.  my boo is like a monkey nun, but a really cute one.  i was laughing so hard that's why i am making that nerdy face.  just trying to compete with his.

this is probably the best movie you haven't seen.  i have had like 2 weeks to let the runaways ruminate in my brainz and i can't get over this scene.  dakota, sooooo good.  she's back baby!

pauline showed me this a couple days ago.  we are going to see washed out this coming monday.  this dude, ryan dicks, is so crazy cool awesome i love it.  all his vids are him in his underwear singing or talking about the internet.  he takes the net, st. vincent, and chillwave very serious.  kind of like myself.  we have found a new internet star.  BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR RYAN DICKS!

pedobear is watching you.  just sayin.