i am gonna use asian hair dye.  pauline took me to this awesome asian super-mega-sweet-market.  they had this hair dye called palty.  the boxes were super cute and everything is in japanese but i think i can figure it out.  will i look okay with that fake brown color?  i am scared...but excited.

honey brown?  bitter cappuccino?  or almond chocolate?  i'm so gonna look like an alien.


i am thankful for cuteness.


this picture makes me go HUH??? it says ASIAN and that's enough for me.

this picture isn't cute per-say, but diddy looks like he has never seen a $1 bill in his whole life!  
i wish i could be like that! :(

boys in glasses are cute!
more specifically this boy is cute in glasses that are not his own.
hope he doesn't see this!  cuz now i look like a creeper... LOL!

on cuteness and fierceness.

i am sitting in my towel supposed to be all the way packed and well on my way to work, but it's just not happening right now.  well here is some cuteness for the weekend, i will be away from my computer- THANK GOODNESS!

oh my god, it's not fair that 2 people could be so beautiful and adorable.  i love mad men, sad it's over just because the way they looked, dressed, and acted is aspirational!  how can i be like that?  it's not fair i was born in '86 rather than '56!!!

if you don't like these episodes of maury when they "confront" people with their greatest fears...we are in a fight.  cotton ball man!!!  god it's pure genius.

what is going on here?  frankly i don't care because it's fucking awesome!  i love wu-tang...i wanna be friends with these children.  like who is the little girl in the middle?  what is happeningggggg!!!

PhotobucketTWILIGHT!  new moon is this weekend!  i am leaving town to spend time with my boo and he is nice enough to humor me and go see it with me.  i can admit it, i am a 23 year old twihard...ughhhh.

save the best for last bitches!  it's beysus christ our heavenly something or other.  god she is amazing.  that color is awesome on her, she is a TRUE INSPIRATION.  and that has been your weekend cuteness...

misc. cuteness

this baby has gorgeous hair.  i love this picture because this little girl is probably equally cute in skeleton paint as IRL.

i need a hat like this!   real fur would be awesome in the chicago winter.  sad its arrival is imminent. :(

GIVE ME 2 OF THESE.  where can i get one or have one made?  SO IMPORTANT.

a few of my favorite things...

GOSSIP GIRL: have you ever seen a better show???  well probably, but i am not ashamed to admit i love this show!  the girls are PERFECTION, the guys are pretty hot too.  but i don't watch it for the boys, i watch it because i am so envious of everyone's perfect hair and expensive style.  WHY WAS I NOT BORN RICH???  maybe my favorite thing should have been $$money$$...

OMG ASIANS!!!  especially vintage ones!  they are my favorite.  this picture is quite amazing.  i long to be a part of the past...and asian.  their hair is just so big and beautiful...

multicolored things!  more on this to follow (i recently discovered these rainbow macaroons and i want to know more about them...)  these chicks are just so cute, i want to lay in my bed and have them walk all over and hop and chirp.  ahhhhh it would be a dream come true!  i hope they won't poop on me. :(

pageant babies!  i wanted to be one for halloween but i figured it would cost too much money.  i would need the dress, the spray tan, the hair piece, makeup...the list goes on and on.  big props to those crazy moms who waste their husband's money on these "character building competitions."  i mean look at this girl!  she could not be older than 7 years old and i could swear i have seen her slinging them back at j&m bar. she looks like she could be 45!!!  so scary.  when i have babies, i am forcing them to participate in pageant.  LIVE MY DREAMS NOW.

slow your roll.

whoooooooaa. homegurl is fucked up. i miss the old lindsay.



lets do this!

this video had me laugh soooooo hard.  i don't even know why?  i mean what would you do if there was a giant bat approaching you?  i kinda want that costume...