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pauly d went and got himself a cuban girlfriend in miami.  she looks cute, natural, etc.  the only thing that really scares me is his skin color.  this color does not occur in nature and really there is just no reason for it!  i wonder if pauly d still tans in a booth and spray tans on top of that hot equator sun.  sheeessshhh.

fijian woman dancer.  love the outfit.  want a head dress.  shaking my head at micah!

i flew through true blood season 2 last week and amongst th characters was this young fellow.  the adorable pocket-sized allan hyde.  he is danish and actually not that tiny.  he is really 5'8" but they made him look tiny on the show.  i suppose anyone standing next to a.skar who is 6'4" and massive would look very small.

beibs went to get a tattoo this week.  i wonder if he actually did it?  or can you imagine what he would get tattooed on him?  i hope it's sassy.

this lil guy looks like he is takin a break.  so adorable, i need so many more photos of baby elephants in my life.  baby elephants are born with that peach fuzzy hair all over when they are born.  i guess they lose it in adulthood.  i wish i could have a pet elephant that would stay baby sized...but then again i don't even like big dogs.

this week the hills continued to get weird...heidi and spencer showed up to the club with crystals to share with everyone.  they look like plastic hippies, it's bizarre.  everyone is pretty much at their wit's end and want nothing to do with them.  i hope that this means that heidi and spencer get their OWN SHOW.  the world needs to see this. i turned one other person into a believer this weekend and then i wore crystals to the club last night.  they didn't protect me from a hangover though.  WAHHHHHHH!

new obsession: spencer pratt's impending nervous breakdown

so i think that i may have mentioned before that i recently experienced the hills.  i never got into it because i thought it was a complete waste of time.  it's just a bunch of rich kids, partying, and talking about themselves partying, or creating drama for one another.  i was so fucking wrong.  

this is what i have learned: spencer pratt makes the hills.  i always knew that we was a jerk and i thought he was just another douchebag...but there is so much more to spencer this season.  homeboy is headed STRAIGHT for a nervous breakdown and it's getting hella weird on the hills.

(exhibit A: spencer loving on a baby goat)

so i know everyone knows about heidi's multiple plastic surgeries.  how could you not?  she looks like that joceyln wildenstein, that crazy cat lady who has had so many surgical procedures she looks like she is melting and exploding at the same time.
heidi underwent like 10 procedures to look like that!  even worse, on the second episode of this season heidi remarks that she wants to possibly get her boobs redone at a larger size, "size H for Heidi."  she also goes home to her mother in colorado and is criticized for her new look.  she cried on the couch and said something about how she has gone through SOOOOO MUCH.  well according so some sources heidi suffers from body dysmorphic disorder.  that's where you think you look totally disgusting even though everyone else sees a perfectly natural normal person.  lots of plastic surgery addicts may suffer from BDD and i wouldn't put it past heidi to be one of them.  she looks so much older than 23.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? 23, bitch i am 24 and now post-op she looks 40.  what 23 year old wants to have the fat in her thighs sucked out and put in her cheeks???  it's not normal. 

ok so heidi is weird and suffering from some sort of disorder but then when you add spencer into the mix, it just goes crazy!  spencer pratt has SERIOUS rage issues.  have you ever known someone like that?  i have and it's really not fun to live in fear of the next outburst or fit.  spencer has isolated himself and heidi, neither of them have a relationship with their family or friends and now come the crystals...YES CRYSTALS.

it was this scene that completely sold me on this show.  spencer has gone bat-shit crazy and he thinks he needs to surround himself with crystals to keep bad energy out.  

"I am so addicted to crystals, it's like a sickness," says the Hills bad boy. "I've spent $500,000 on crystals this year. I checked my bank account last night, and I have $203 left."  WTF.  Spencer and Heidi even worked their crystals into Valentine's Day. "We hung out with our puppies and cuddled with our crystal," he says. "It's supposed to bring love. There's a whole science to this -- I'm not crazy." 

OK saying that you're NOT CRAZY makes you look even more crazy.  but how could heidi stay in such a strange relationship or endure the rage, crystals, and poverty???  A source close to them said, "She loves this persona that Spencer has become. She's just as delusional as he is."  I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT JUST MY LOOKING AT THEM!

and it gets worse.  according to Life & Style, Spencer and Heidi are not actually living in their lavish multi-million dollar Hollywood Hills home that’s featured on The Hills. Instead, they are actually residing in an “unkempt and unsafe home” in Pacific Palisades.  the apartment is covered in crystals, big surprise.

do they even use their kitchen?  too many crystals in the way of dinner.  apparently, they don't leave their apartment and they share it with a marine officer who is helping spencer write a script??  (crazzzzzyyyyy) they say that spencer hopes that the crystal-lined windows will keep the bad vibes out and keep heidi in.  and they don't ever leave the house... spencer said, “It’s true, I do have a Marine in the house. He’s helping me write a script. And yes, we’ve been out of the house only three times this month, but that’s because I’m busy working on several business ventures.”

RIIIIIIIGGGGHHHTTT.  all i have to say is WHOA!  who knew the hills was so awesome? this season is gonna be fucking nuts...someone is going to die, obviously!


i can get back to my roots now that true blood season 2 is no longer glamouring me.  AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!!
moar eric please. and bring back that mini-hottie godric.

loss of cuteness

i am running low on material because i haven't spent much time searching the ends of the internet for cute stuff.  actually i blame it on true blood.  i just got into season 2.  i am like 6 episodes in and this train don't stop!  if only megavideo wasn't such a tool and would let me watch more than 72 minutes if video at a time, this would be over sooner.

that dance lafayette did made me giggle.  and can i just say that Alexander Skarsgård in a tracksuit...phewwwww.  take my breath away. a a forever 21.
you just like summed up my definition of perfection.  comfortable fashionable sexy perfection.

lightning only strikes once...(or prove me wrong please)

gypsies, tramps, and thieves: ALL OF THE ABOVE
these sluts are still in miami...AND SO WILL I TOMORROW!
just for the weekend.  but stumbling upon these pictures made me this season of jersey shore gonna blow?  has the cast become too big for their britches???  they came into this situation (no pun intended, no seriously...none) bright eyed and bushy tailed!  and now i feel like their naivety has worn off and they have become a part of the fame whore, money grubbing MTV machine.
i am just going to pray as usual that they will prove me wrong.

uhhhhh...happy cinco de mayo??? don't get me wrong when this shit goes down in july, you won't be able to tear me away.  it's like watching a car accident, you don't want to look but you just can't look away.

and look at this classy bitch!  at least we know she doesn't turn her nose up to a marlboro menthol 100 or a good ol' red cup.  keep it classy baby!  <3 you!
see you this weekend miami...and then pretty much forever, FTW!

omgurlgang plz.

that's the crew riiiiiiiight there.  we gave the photographer our treefort card.  he said, "i've never met a girl gang with a card." well there is a first time for everything.

she can join in too:

i'm so into this right now. not even funny.

"because i know what it feels like to have no one comment." -micah bloom

why on earth would anyone want to keep a baby like that a secret??? 
 it's sooooo adorable! where can i buy one?

this is what i look like on most weekends.  except i keep the curlers to the top of my head...minimal body hair.  MINIMAL.

awwwww.  makes me wanna watch HSM 1 2 & 3.  i am a 13 year old nerd I KNOW.

i need this hello kitty wine!  perhaps for my going away party?  *hint hint-nudge nudge*

for my boo: natural beauty!

i have recently developed an affinity for singing coldplay at karaoke.  my boo said he would look into getting me a coldplay t-shirt to show my strange pride.  i didn't get the shirt but he did find this!  why would anyone make this?  i don't understand.  which would you want?

when worlds collide...

so i accidently watched the hills and the city tonight.  what a fake drama snoozefest!  anywho: on the city, the real HBIC is olivia palermo.  come to find out, she may have been the real inspiration for the blair waldorf character.  CRAZY.  i liked her hair and think i am going to get it dyed like hers.  more pics at a later date.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

this vid is combining 3 things i love: the past, beyonce, chainsmoking while crying.
not gonna lie, this wasn't my favorite song on I AM SASHA FIERCE, but i love the vid.  i wanna be the vid.  I WILL BE THE VID.

what could be cuter than some of your oldest friends?

sorry for the quality, doesn't quite translate that well on blogger.  my friend caroline took these.
check her stuff out:
her site is actually under construction because someone hacked her and ruined her site.  but keep checking for some fantastic pix.

from my brother

this made my MY LIFE.