para mi bebe!

i had forgotten this existed until i heard a clip of it in a broadcast of this american life.  so now i have been listening to the i heart huckabees soundtrack all week.   it's strangely upbeat and reminds me of amazing times in my past.  specifically going to see that film with brad and rachel fall break freshman year and it was the first time i met brad.  we had to sneak him in the dorms to stay for the weekend.  what a strange carefree life we all had.

winston is beautiful.  i wonder what he thinks about.  so pensive and longing.

dream glasses.  moscot theroux.  i won't stop dreaming.

there were not dream sunglasses but i got them anyway at nordstrom rack.  marc by marc jacobs $35.  TOP THAT!

jeremy scott for adidas.  i'd do it but only because they look like snuggle the fabric softener bear.

PARA MI BEBE my new favorite latin hair detangler!  it's part of the reason i feel like i have been thrown into cuba today.  earlier, i went to the pharmacy and was stopped by a small old woman with drawn on eyebrows.  she was speaking in spanish motioning frantically.  i told her no habla espanol!  then i realized she was making the motion for PANTYHOSE!!!  so i showed her where they were and i think she was greatful, lol.  then i got a manicure (see above) at a salon by my house but it's on the outskirts of coral gables in west miami off calle ocho.  calle ocho is like 100% cuba so don't even try to speak english! this place was strange and no one was speaking english but the asian girl i picked to do my nails (ya'll know i love asians) and me.  all the cuban ladies get acrylics and then french tips on the toes.  might try that next time.  MAYBE.  

MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME.  i got the grey jacket from target...i have so much more work to do this weekend!!! omg!!!  i can't wait to go to boston and party with my boo and my gurl EV!!!

exhaustinggggggg. why life?? why???

omg ya'll i am so tired right now.  i worked all week and studied like every night and worked out every night.  now i just finished a weekend FULL of school work.  i got a problem with a lot of bitches in my class.  here is why:
1. the teacher is there to teach you so that means sit the fuck down and listen.
2. everyone thinks they know best.  they wanna be the expert and contradict the teacher but she is the one with 14+ years of experience so BACK OFF.
3. people like to talk about themselves too damn much! i don't need to hear your life story and i don't care about all your feelings or what it's like at your school.  just STFU!
it pretty much boils down to these people like to hear their own damn voices...but it's giving me migraine so shuttttt uppppppp. ugh.  so now onto things i DO like.

what is this thing???  is that a baby or an abnormally small woman.  i know that when i have kids i am totally playing dress up all the time with them.  they WILL wear costumes and adult clothes all the time.  it's too fun!  

i can haz this sweater? then again i will never be able to wear it in miami, wahhhhh!!!  i wouldn't mind the cool glasses either.

 lee min ho!  he plays my favorite character on boys before flowers. he is such an asshole but that's why i like him.  and his hair is perfectly curled and he wears a lot of fur (things i want for myself.) you can watch the whole series here: BOIZ B4 FLWRZ   ahhhh it's so good.  pretty much it about this commoner girl (yes they use these words) who accidently gets herself into the most elite school in korea.  the school is run by the F4, the richest and most attractive (girlie) group of boys at the school.  she somehow infiltrates this group and causes a love triangle, etc and this is only by episode 5.  i have like 20 more episodes!!! my goodness.  it's so good.  SO SO GOOD.

ummm this dog, i need it.  i don't know what it is originally, a chowchow maybe?? but i need it.  plain and simple puppies and pandas combined is a total WIN!!!

why didnt i look like this at 13???  i am sorry but this girl is turning 14 this year...14!  i had to do the math like 5 times over and over in my head because there is no way this child is 13!  lourdes looks at least 16 because she has the best style always and has since she was like 6.  i have been jealous of her forever but i guess that's what happens when you are madonna's daughter.  at least she seems cool and an individual so, you go gurl!

my gurl does yoga in MY shorts.  thanks erin for the tip.  further proof...proof of what??? i don't know.  proof we are connected PSYCHICALLY.  look at the poof under the bandana!  so cute.  as usual.

micah sent this baby boar my way!  they are so cute and cuddly looking when they are little but have you ever seen that hogzilla picture?  it's a boar the size of a rhino, it's insane!  hard to believe this lil baby could become a monster.  i just wish things would say little.

FINALLY: (thanks keisha)
of course if you ever find something that is too cute, please send it to me!  i like tips. :) xoxoxox

loving on these...

an asian market saved my life.  well not really, but it made my life in miami better.  i found this place that has the mushroom candies i used to get at mitsua in chicago and they even had RILAKKUMA POCKY!!!  i have never seen it anywhere!  i am never going to eat it.  it will be a treasure forever.  

speaking of my azn obsession: BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS!!!
watching it right now on hulu.  i don't know if you are into k.drama, i frankly had no idea i was either but this show is great!  like the gossip girl of korea but based around boys who are way prettier than i could ever be!  the whole series is on hulu and i am so SUCKED IN.

i reached my 911th tweet!  in honor of 9/11 of course.  because as georgie and i would say, "we are all 9/11 survivors." oh yeah and i ate gator chicken but a little gamey and chewy. 

let's clarify: she willingly chose this as her twitter pic.  it's hilarious and inspirational.  i am going to be her for halloween which means i was going to dye my hair more red to match her until she went dark again.  i am considering...

that's me!  this weekend we went to the cottage and my boo and i took a bike ride at sunset.  it was quite beautiful like most florida sunsets.  that's like the only thing i like about this place...when the sun goes down.

i had back to school night last week and i wore this???  i was rushing like crazy, had to wear spanx, and pretty much sweated off my makeup anyway.  story of my life!!!!



ps- i have a lil bit of real housewives of miami gossip to come in future days.  i am doing some research...i think i know some things that YOU should know...CONNECTIONS.  it's all coming together!

end of the weekend that i never had...

so i go to school every other weekend to get my professional teaching certification.  IT SUCKS.  the school blows and i feel like i am teaching myself how to be a teacher.  that's beside the point though. the point is I AM EXHAUSTED.  school friday night, saturday and sunday for like a total of like 16 to 18 hours kinda sucks.  and now tomorrow is monday and i have to get back into the school grind.  
UGHHHHH.  well at least these things make me happy:
i got an iphone.  i no longer need friends in miami now!  fuck friends, get an iphone people!  seriously though, it's awesome and i am super-duper connected now.  i am also an app buying machine!  i like girly games specifically beauty resort 2 which i have ALMOST beat.

this dress is adorable.  this is caroline something polish (sorry i am too lazy to figure it out right now) and she wore this LAST year to the US Open i believe.  its adorable.  and i need it.  maybe i should learn tennis???  tennis girls are hot...i want to be hot.  there could be a connection.

cute cute cute cute cute

zac efron looking all old and shit.  when did he grow up?  my boyfriend is jealous of his hair/facial hair.  he looks really cute and i love gray suits.  zefron has come so far since high school musical...but it still captivates my heart. WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

snooki is what is getting me through these dark miami days.  the fact that we have the same chloe sunglasses (as seen in above picture) makes me feel pretty good.  i bet she got hers on sale at nordstrom too.

i used to have boots like this back in 2004.  no joke.  they were a bad idea then and a a bad idea now.  i wore them like once and my friend told me i looked like a yeti.  that was the end of those.  plus, wearing white furry boots in the dirty chicago winter leads to some nasty yeti feet.

snooki at the VMAs tonight.  she got bangs ya'll!!!  somehow she reminds me of like a jersey housewife now.  i am really into it.  i like that she went back to her dark color.  it looks good with her fake skin color.  i want to be her for halloween this year, i need to start tanning like YESTERDAY.  ughhhh.


teachery style + a lil more

i have learned thus far that work clothes are all about trial and error.  it's also about options!
i wore this tank top and a lil sweater with black cropped pants.  the only problem is the tank top got really stretched out by the end of the day.  i was doing student pick-up duty at the end of the day and it was hanging off of me.  i think some strangers might have seen my bra.  OH WELL!!!

i wore this today but i didn't really like it.  the shirt was okay but i feel like it made my boobs look like the main attractions (i mean they always  i also woke up late and didn't have time to do my makeup, i was pretty exhausted after the holiday weekend.

i actually really like this skirt, sweater and tank top combination.  i thought it might be too grandma-ish for me but i liked it and people told me i looked cute at work which is always a plus.  the little girls always compliment me...maybe they want a good grade.

this outfit was a good choice!  the white sweater had to go at some point but the dress and tank top were light and flattering.  i need more cotton dresses because this pant shit is just not working out for me! gosh my face is ridick in this picture. eeeeek!

on a side note i feel that i truly need these nails!  i need a manicure in general, my feet are fucked too!  this one is the coolest EVER!!!  someone do it for me pro bono please?
ok it's time for me to find some food to eat and a lot of ice cream to follow.  MUAH!!!

things i should work on.