have you ever gotten in a fight with someone and they do the clapping thing with every word?  it's so bad girls club i love it.  i once got in a fight with a young girl who thought just because she was louder than me meant she was right...she didn't win...i was her boss bitch.

kim jong il bb is adorable of course.  if i had an asian baby i would TOTALLY do this to it.  pretty much when i have a child it should be understood that it will be my living doll.  deal with it bb.  they are so cute why wouldn't you want to dress them up as little adults.  i think the cutest babies are the ones who look like little adults shrunken down.  EXCEPT for white babies.  damn white babies just look like phil collins.  not good.

this summer i just want to be a teen witch.  pretty much i have always wanted to dress like a teen witch.  i am not sure how i feel about round glasses though.  i know they are trendy but they kind of look dopey and i know they would look really bad on me.  this chick is like a mix of BK and austin.   my only hesitation with the teen witch look is that i live in miami which is hotter than hell most days.  also i would need to do a wardrobe overhaul.  some days i wish i wasn't a teacher.  i want to be able to wear whatever the FUCK i want to wear you know?  don't tell me what i can't do!

i care about love :)


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